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Please answer the questionaire

1.Does your organization have a Digitalization talents development plan? A structure talents development program is necessary to improve your workforce competencies for digitalization transformation.
2.Top management technology competency refers to the readiness of the senior management team to leverage the latest trends and technologies for the continued relevance and competitiveness of the organization.
3.Established digitalization strategy and governance role for design and execution, a plan of action to achieve a set of digitization long- term goals. It includes identifying priorities, formulating a roadmap, and developing a system of rules, practices and processes to translate a vision into business value.
4.What is the level of contribution of Digitalisation that your organisation needs in order to increase the competitiveness, overall value creation of your products and services?
5.What is your production equipment readiness for adapting Digitization or Industry 4.0 implementation?
6.How would you rate the degree of the digitization of your vertical value chain (integration of processes and systems across all hierarchical levels of the automation pyramid – M2M capability) from R&D, product development to production?
7.What is the degree that your organization products are customized?
8.Integrated Product Cycle is the integration of people, processes and systems along the entire product lifecycle, encompassing the stages of design and development, engineering, production, customer use, service, and disposal. What is the degree of Product Lifecycle adaption in your organization?
9.Does your organization supply chain system integrated with your customers and suppliers?
10.Automation (Shop Floor, Enterprise and Facility) is the application of technology to monitor, control and execute the process from production to delivery of products and services, within the location where the production and management of goods is carried out, including sales and marketing, demand planning, procurement, human resource management and planning; HVAC, chiller, security, and lighting systems. What degree of Automation (Shop Floor, Enterprise, Facility) adaption level in your organization?
11.Enterprise, Shop Floor and Facility Intelligence are the processing & analysis of data to optimize existing processes and create new applications, products, and services. What degree of Intelligence (Shop Floor, Enterprise, Facility) adaption level in your organization?
12.How much of operations data collected have been used to improve your manufacturing capabilities?
13.Does your manufacturing equipment have intelligent for self-optimizing processes?
14.Enterprise, Shop Floor and Facility connectivity are the interconnection of equipment, machines and computer-based systems, to enable communication and seamless data exchange, within the location where the administrative work, production and management of goods, or physical building. What degree of Connectivity (Shop Floor, Enterprise, Facility) adaption level in your organization?
15.Data and communications security are increasing important to any organisation that towards digitalization transformation. What is the degree of IT and data security has been implemented in your organization?